Funny video and reactions to Harrison ford magic trick, card trick with David Blaine, get the fuck out of my house

Harrison Ford's Reaction To A David Blaine Magic Trick Goes Viral

He's a national treasure.
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Funny story about what would happen if willy wonka and harry potter were in the same universe | rasec-wizzlbang concept: willy wonka and harry potter take place same universe ministry magic haaaates Willy Wonka dear-tumb1r "Mr. Wonka Dumbledore smiled warmly, looking down into Pit his podium members Wizengamot muttered disapprovingly, shifting their seats. Willy Wonka, clad today bright magenta suit and tophat, beamed cheekily up at them his chair, his silver-gloved hands cradling his chin "Mr.

Tumblr Mashup Of Harry Potter & Willy Wonka Is Surprisingly Brilliant

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Funny meme about killing witches for doing that dumb finger magic trick | woman in the 1600s the church: white guy blinking drew scanlon reacting hanging rope
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Take That

Stock photo of a guy wearing a magician's outfit saying, "And for my next trick I will dissapear" next to panel of that has a pic of a pear and him saying, "f*ck you pear you taste like sh*t"
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Huh, They Really Do

Tumblr post that reads, "Why do 90% of all medicines sound like cool wizard names" above an illustration of a wizard with a comment below that reads, "It is I, Zyrtec the Allmighty"
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make a wish funny comics comic memes genie web comics music memes genie in a bottle magic flat earth vaccines anti-vaxxers - 6396933

'Nothing's Changed' Memes Are About Granting Your Heart's Strange Desires

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This Moment Will Touch Your Heart

Funny meme about a man with baggy pants shopping for belts.
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Get It?

funny meme about dissing a pear.
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Super Rare

Funny meme of Donald Trump as a Magic the Gathering card.
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Abracadabra, Alakazam

Funny meme about someone saying they are magical in bed, woman says she wasn't expecting it, he does a card trick.
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Collection of funny memes and gifs having to do with disney, especially Frozen and Lion King.

These 18 Disney Memes and GIFs Will Add Magic To Your Day

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Quick, Make the Incantation! Someone Just Threw up in the Hallway

image magic janitor Quick, Make the Incantation! Someone Just Threw up in the Hallway
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halloween magic Video prank - 83276289

Nothing's More Classic for Halloween Than a Spooky Ghost Prank

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Works Like Magic

web comics dating magic cards Works Like Magic
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FAIL prank Video magic - 82729473

The Key to a Good Magic Trick Is Making Sure Your Assistant Is on the Same Page

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Such a Talent

web comics literalism magic Such a Talent
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