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Sports Illustrated Model Yumi Nu Responds To Jordan Peterson's Fat Shaming

Unbothered, flourishing
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Parcel Theft Victim Creates Special Zine To Detract Thieves

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Funny excerpts from 1958 mccall's magazine about how to find a husband | 129 ways get husband Continued page 29 14 Be nice everybody-they may have an eligible brother or son. 15 Get government job overseas. 16 Volunteer jury duty. 17 Be friendly ugly men-hand- some is as handsome does. 18 Tell friends are terested getting married. Don't keep secret. 19 Get lost at football games. 20 Don't take job company run largely by women.

Vintage Mag Offers Insight On The Husband-Hunting Tactics Of Yore

Things were...different back in the day.
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Funny advertisements that were unfortunately placed next to other advertisements

Funny Yet Unfortunately Placed Advertisements And Headlines

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Stupid Headlines

32 Mindbogglingly Stupid Headlines That, Yes, Were Actually Printed

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Okay Cosmo...

Cosmopolitan headline that reads, "These heavenly 'halo brows' are strangely beautiful" above pics of a girl with connected eyebrows that vaguely resemble a halo
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Get It Together, Time

Funny meme about Selena Gomez.
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That'll Show 'Em

Funny meme using Lydia from Beetlejuice to describe getting revenge on your ex with a zine.
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Life Before Wireless Controllers

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Have a Bunch of Old Gaming Magazines? Make a Table!

gaming game informer magazine - 8411748608
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Gorgeous 'Mother' Promo Print in Old Famitsu Issue

mother magazine - 8381607936
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Can't Tell if Magazine or Generic Video Game

wtf cover magazine funny - 8370771456
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Kojima Wants You to Crap Your Pants

magazine quotes silent hills - 8328348928
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Solution: Learn to Photoshop Yourself in Real Life

beauty magazine Pie Chart Media - 7962297088
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Every Magazine Cover Ever

celeb magazine - 7923163392
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And What a Booty It Is

face palm funny magazine - 7879395072
By Flo00
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