mac PC Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 4708526848
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Push It, I Dare You

button mac Memes mystery - 6459297280
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Annoying PC

apple best of week comic mac PC - 6386455040
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Utter Garbage

IRL mac menu poster sign trash - 6379537408
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book expensive mac money Sad - 6329888512
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Jobs is Still Making Them in Heaven

apple How People View How People View Me mac puns steve jobs - 6248537344
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The OS X Problem

apple computer cool feline mac problem - 6233434112
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Better Than Rage Against The E-Machine

adele Dell mac Memes PC rage against the machine - 6225832192
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Should Have Used an iUD

apple birth computers ipad mac Memes mouse - 6137249536
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Scumbag Mac

mac virus - 6081812992
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Uses for Your Old iPad

ipad mac - 5985635328
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Then Why Underline It?

computer mac Memes spell spellcheck word - 5969149696
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Get a PC

best of week From the Movies mac PC saw - 5811446784
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history mac PC Video - 32562177

A Brief History of Computing Platforms

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I want to be UNIX!

costume halloween Idiot Nerd Girl mac - 5684627968
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Worst Case Scenario: RickRoll

laptop mac remote - 5522252800
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