Caption that reads, "My sister ate the leftovers I was saving so I taped this to her bathroom window. Have a nice shower sweetie" above a pic of a cutout of a guy peering into the bathroom taped to the window
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Yalla Sexy

Funny meme about approaching life with the confidence of an arab man commenting on a beautiful woman's instagram post.
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On It

Funny meme about snooping on the internet, photo of Obama holding an FBI hat.
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Time to Die

Funny meme about when you are lurking and you accidentally like a photo from 50 weeks ago - photo of a guy whose name is Oah Fuck.
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*Jaws Theme*

photobomb beach lurking - 7847572224
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kid SOON lurking - 6714597632
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That Weird Kid in Every Class

creepy lurking school - 6575650048
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Digging for Who Knows What

beach lurking sexy times women wtf - 5554621952
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Is That the Last Doughnut?

creepy creepy sneakers lurking - 5500468224
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The Lurker

creeper creepy sneakers lurking photobomb tongue - 3779440384
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