Funny photos of times people messed up their cooking | too much cooked rice it's lifting the lid from the pot | glasses baked into a loaf of bread

Fifteen Times Amateur Cooks Really Blew It In The Kitchen

Time for Postmates!
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Funny meme listing the levels of hell, the deepest one being "People who reheat fish in the microwave at work"
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Those Square Pizzas

Caption that reads, "Today in 1997 your school served you this for lunch and you were excited about it" above a photo of square pizza in a pan
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So Motivational

Caption that reads, "This Bible verse always keeps me going" above a pic of a whiteboard that has writing that reads, "Lunch 11:35"
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F*cking Weirdos

Caption that reads, "People who only eat two slices of pizza and say they're full" above a pix of Jennifer Lawrence looking disgusted
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Has A Nice Ring To It

Text that reads, "35 years ago in elementary school, one of my friends called a 'sloppy Joe' an 'untidy Joseph.' I haven't been able to call it anything else since then. Now you'll call it that too"
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Funny random memes.

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Why Can't The Microwave Just Do Its Goddamn Job

Pic of Kanye West looking irritated under the caption, "When your food sounds like WWII in the microwave, but still comes out cold"
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It's Every Day

Jim Halpert meme with the caption, "When it's time for lunch, but you already ate your lunch"
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Funny meme about lunch and bible.
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Bon Appetit

Funny meme making fun of fancy lunchables.
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I Look Forward To It Every Day

Funny meme about Lunch 11:35 looking like a bible verse, says its what gets you through the day.
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Funny Memes about lunch dating, drinking, sexy times, food, iphones, social meda, romance, crushes.

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You'll Have To Wait

work lunch Memes - 9046800128
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Funny meme of a tweet about someone hiking on their lunch break over a huge valley, someone tweets "how long is her lunch break" because it seems unrealistic.
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Funny meme featuring Jay-Z's face reacting to a coworker reheating salmon for lunch. Work woes.
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