He So Sad

Funny meme that reads, "Emotional baggage" above a photo of a suitcase that looks sad
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Funny video showing a guy hiding in a suitcase getting kicked around by airport luggage handlers

Hilarious Sketch Shows How Your Luggage Gets Handled At The Airport

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Life Hack

Funny headline that reads, "Guy checks a single can of beer after airline told him he couldn't board with it" Airport conveyor belt

What Ever Will We Do?

Photo of a bunch of puppies on the floor in an airport
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That's Mine!

picture luggage image - 8998443008
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Self Packing Luggage

dogs gifs critters luggage - 8538471936
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So That Might Be Why Your Luggage Gets Messed Up

yikes mindwarp gifs luggage - 8479313152
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Yorkie And Their Luggage

dogs gifs luggage - 8163462400
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Luggage Handlers Drop Luggage Over 20 Feet

FAIL gifs planes luggage Travel - 8158408960
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Traveling is a Tricky Pickle Sometimes

pun suitcase sandwich bread luggage jam - 7802526976
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My Luggage is a Scooter

cool wtf gifs scooter luggage - 6850914304
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Carrion Luggage

carrion literalism homophones carry on double meaning luggage - 6769469952
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Reminds Me of An Ex-Coworker...

carry on double meaning he luggage rolling rolls wheels - 5782544640
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Chemistry Cat: Waves Goodbye

animemes chemistry cat light luggage particle science wave - 5203300608
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