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'I would simply command the child to be quiet': Childless woman claims kids shouldn't be in public if they can't be quiet, gets roasted by parents

It's not that easy
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‘Two can play this game’: Resident gets back at loud neighbor by blasting children's music in the middle of the night, leading to hilarious music suggestions from invested Redditors

‘Two can play this game’: Resident gets back at loud neighbor by blasting children's music in the middle of the night, leading to hilarious music suggestions from invested Redditors

"Hey Siri, play 'Baby Shark' on repeat"
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'Let's save the exorcism performances for another time': Preteen Swiftie shrieks throughout 3 hour concert, faces judgment of the internet

Be chill
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'Restaurants are just too loud': Diners complain about music noise when eating out

We need to hear each other speak
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Dedicated Dog Owner Shares Noisy Chaos of Living With Three Huskies, Prompts Mixed Reactions on Twitter

So loud
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Entitled Parent Interrupts Entire Restaurant By Making Their Baby Laugh Loudly

Look, I'm not a parent. I can't speak to how difficult it truly is to raise a child. I'm not necessarily a source of authority when it comes to parenting advice, but if your child is continuously loud, do everything in your power to stop the noise. If you're actively making your child shriek, understand why the people around you might be irritated . Here we have an example of a parent doing the exact opposite of what was just outlined. Reddit user /u/Plane_Ad5416 posed a question in the /r/amit…
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Funny video sketch about an upstairs neighbor being extremely noisy all day

Video Sketch About Wtf Upstairs Neighbors Do All Day Is So Relatable

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Can You Not

Funny meme about someone trying to sleep at 3am while their cat runs around and makes a lot of noise | *me, sleeping peacefully* My cat at 3am:
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Why Is It Necessary For Microwaves To Be So Loud?

Funny meme that reads, "When you don't stop the microwave before it reaches 0:00" above a still of a character from Mulan saying, "Now all of China knows you're here"
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Can You Please STOP

Funny meme that reads, "Upstairs neighbor starter pack" above images of a person making tons of noise with different objects
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Challenge Accepted

Funny meme that compares a very loud sound destroying the galaxy and creating a black hole with the sound of kids yelling in a supermarket | if you were to produce a sound louder than 1,100 DB you would create a black hole and destroy the galaxy
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Yeah Man

Meme that reads, "Why does everyone force introverts to be talkative and leave their comfort zone, but no one forces the extroverts to shut up, even for a minute, to make the zone comfortable?"
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Quiet Down Now!

Caption that reads, "When your joke is bomb and you gotta wait for the squad to settle down" above a pic of a guy looking very eager to speak at a podium
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neighbors trolling loud Cats - 77952769

This Guy is About to Lay Hands on His Noisy Neighbor

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Music neighbors prank loud Video - 77827585

If You Have Terribly Loud Neighbors, This is the Prank for You

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Door Rage

door scary rage wind windows true story contest loud slam - 8540778496
Created by DissolveTheKitten
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