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Funniest Google Maps Memes to Get Lost in for People With Zero Sense of Direction

You may always get lost, but at least you have memes to laugh about while you're trying to figure out where you are.
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Man’s Sheepish Tale Of Finding Passport Prompts Jokes, Retrieves Lost Property

Scatterbrains, rejoice!
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Come Back Higgins

Funny pic about a lost Roomba named Higgins | LOST ROOMBA His name is "Higgins". s' 35cm / 9cm high / 2.8Kg DOES NOT BITE Roomba app info: Battery: 3% Dust bin: 190% My husband left our bungalow door open and our Roomba escaped !!! We followed his cleaning track for 4 Km down to the beach Where we lost his trail. HIGGINS CAN NOT SWIM !!! Please help us to bring Higgins backl ttT%RMEOFF
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It All Makes Sense

Funny satirical news headline that reads, "Ikea confesses that their meatballs are made out of people that didn't find the exit"
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This Isn't Helpful MOM

Funny anime meme about moms when you lose something
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craigslist post about stray cat was actually wild bobcat

Dude Finds Psycho Lost 'Cat' In This Hysterical Craigslist Ad

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Funny game of thrones twitter reactions, game of thrones finale, james franco.

All the Most Savage & Funny Reactions to the 'Game of Thrones' Series Finale

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I Have No Idea What's Going On

Caption that reads, "Everyone else: Actually understanding the class; Me: ..." above a pic of a cute fluffy dog looking confused
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All Students Know This Feeling

Stills of Spongebob telling Patrick to get a jar; Patrick gets a pickle and Spongebob says, "Patrick, that's a pickle;" Tumblr comment below that reads, "When you have no idea what the f*ck is going on in class anymore"
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I Hope Dinesh Knew How To Swim

Text message conversation that shows an Uber driver apparently driving in a body of water
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Seriously, Come Get Your Pigeon

Photo of a lost pigeon
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What A Transformation

Funny meme about Hurley from lost transforming into kit harrington/jon snow.
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Asking For Directions Be Like

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Guest Star: Rod Serling

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See Any Landmarks?

web comics driving lost See Any Landmarks?
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The Last Thing You Want to See in a Maze

maze sign clear out the skeletons
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