entitled guy wants people to do free labor in exchange for exposure, music videos.

Clever Troll Puts Choosing Beggar In His Place

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We All Knew This Kid

Caption that reads, "That one loser who has to hold his nose when he jumps in the pool" above a stock photo of a kid holding his nose while jumping in the pool
Via SirBobert

Diaper Man

Funny meme about dissing, insults.
Via vikatchu

You Lose!

'The Chicken Game' featuring a large picture of a chicken and text that says that if you see the chicken then you lose
Via lilmisschuckitinthefuckitbucket


hilarious loser olympics wal mart - 5783329536
By xyzpdq1

What people think of you VS how many girls you are with

amount Bar Graph gay girls loser people think - 2615644416
By catni

I'm Too Cool to Write My Own Title

cool flow chart loser - 6061459456
By buckles_b (Via

Every Damn Time

funny lottery loser - 8185406208
By Unknown

I'm Not a Loser, I Swear!

siblings loser mom - 6926175232
By Unknown

Questionable Memebase

loser memebase meta twitter - 6474899200
By youbunnybro

You Can't Win'em All, and He Can't Win at All.

Annoying Childho Annoying Childhood Friend bad luck brian friend loser Sad - 6230775552
See all captions By Mithriltim

Forever Alone: Ugh I Read It for the Articles

articles forever alone girls loser memebase meta - 5388339968
See all captions By Unknown

Collecting Your Jar of Hearts

loser Memes Rage Comics rejection Sad - 5098423040
By Unknown

It's Always the One You Never Suspect

burn forever alone loser poker face Rage Comics scary - 5028272128
By Unknown

Yeah, Cause Children of the Stars Sounds So Legit

loser Rage Comics WoW - 4875601152
By PeeteVeganEdge

I Hope You Remembered to Update Your Status

facebook internet loser Rage Comics - 4795282944
By glinch1212
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