lord farquaad


'Lord Farquaad/Markiplier E' Memes Are Completely Out Of Control

This bizarre, dank, and often deep-fried meme leaves us with a lot of questions:

  1. Why would someone want to 'shop Youtuber/video game commentator Markiplier with Lord Farquaad from Shrek?
  2. Why the letter E?
  3. Why did people start to blend this meme with the Zuckerberg trials?
  4. Finally, WHY is this meme still going since its creation in April?

These questions kind of prove the point the first 'Markiplier E' memes were trying to make. The first examples fall into the Memes Then/Memes Now category. The heavily distorted and arguably hideous 'shops really do make the contrast between current memedom and the Impact memes of yore extra palpable. But that doesn't mean we really "get" these memes at all. 

Funny photoshop memes of Lord Farquaad and Marikiplier, Markiplier E.
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