A compilation of memes about being tall

Tall Person Memes For Long Boys That Extend Over 6 Feet

Being tall can be rough. I am a person of the tall experience, but that claim does come with some caveats. I'm 5'11, which is tall for a girl, but not for a guy. Being 5'11 would've been the bane of my existence if I were a man. I would spend every waking hour cursing the inch that I did not have but believed I deserved. Since I'm a woman, I enjoy my days being moderately tall and mostly forgetting about my above-average stature. When I was in elementary and middle school, being tall was way mo…
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Long Dog Breaks The Internet With Her Exceeding Longness

The world of dog breeds is one of the most varied among all pets . The differences between a Dachshund and a Great Dane testify to the power of genetics. Even though this variation is pretty normalized, it can still come as a shock to see it at extremes, as with one dog who has recently been in the spotlight for her unconventional appearance. Eris is a Borzoi whose TikTok account, @eriszoi , is dedicated to her exploits. Her extremely elongated size has baffled the internet, and people can’t st…
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That's One Long Wiener Dog

dogs wtf long funny - 8431367424
Created by Unknown

Jeez Bill, What's Your F&%@ing Problem!?

insensitive face long lolwut evil literalism - 7101517824
Via Nathan Bulmer


long truck huge - 3930523392
See all captions Created by Meelivins

Just Bring Three Books, She Said

girls long shopping They Said - 6450065152
Created by PetePete

Welcome to Your Greatest Accomplishment

facebook life long - 6447526400
Created by RovioXO

Webster Was in a Bad Mood That Day

dictionary fear long Memes phobia true story words - 6305935872
Created by DeSeend

Our Irrational Fears Embodied in One Graph

fears legs long spiders venn diagram - 6008110592
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via )

What a Surreal Conversation...

double meaning face literalism long surrealism - 5854468096
Via Scribbliotti
addition amazing Hall of Fame language long numbers Video - 31046401

Inflationary Language

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Careful, It's Case-Sensitive

best of week long no no tubes password success kid wtf - 5616343296
See all captions Created by CUST0MZ3R0


claw foot long philosoraptor Raptor - 5496242688
Created by Unknown

I'd Like to Roll Some Stones at That Rat...

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone lolwut long lyric need punchline terrible - 5369861888
Created by Cally ( Via Go Comics )


eggs hilarious Japan long wtf - 5362188032
Created by chekers

Nice Legs, Neville!

bottom Harry Potter literalism long short - 5027128064
Created by atticpat
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