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30 Crush Memes for Those Crumbling Under the Weight of Their Yearning

Crushed and crushing
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Memes for When You’re Yearning at 3AM

Wake up babe it's longing hour
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32 Memes for Lone Rangers Walking the Road Less Traveled

32 Memes for Lone Rangers Walking the Road Less Traveled

For lone rangers on a journey that must be done solo
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Self-Deprecating Memes For The Sad & Heartbroken

We all wallow in self-pity sometimes
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You people get hugs?

funny meme about how many hugs we need in a day
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Funny memes about being quarantined | Monday Saturday growing toilet paper seeds in water | Government: Please work home. Jehova Witness: u/Mareheis man knocking on a door from inside the house

Thirty-One Quarantined Memes For Extremely Bored Teens

We're all bored out of our minds.
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Depression and Anxiety memes, nintendo | pregnancy test that reads "cured" suffer depression and someone tells just be happy and not think about | Lonely people take longer, hotter showers or baths replace warmth they're lacking socially or emotionally. Storm @stormyamaya okay wasn't expecting be attacked like

Depression & Anxiety Memes For People Who Can't Stop Feeling The Feels

We're here for ya.
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Very Relevant In 2019

Caption that reads, "How it feels to listen to podcasts" above a pic of a guy eating ice cream next to a sign of three women also eating ice cream
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Please I'm Begging You

Sign that reads, "What kind of train eats too much? A chew chew train ahahaha. Omg please call me I'm so lonely, I need friends"
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Dis Frog Got More Game Than Me

Headline that reads, "Loneliest frog in the world who spent a decade in isolation finds a mate;" someone comments, "And I can't even get a text back"
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Yeah That Was Some False Advertisement

Tweet that reads, "Movies made it look like I'd be having a lot more wine nights with the girls in my apartment, when in reality it's just me eating salads by myself"
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Just Me?

Funny meme about not getting texts from anyone.
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He's Always There!

Funny sign advertisement for 'Joe the People Follower' who follows you around and makes you feel less lonely
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Oh Yeah!!!

Text conversation between two friends, where one says that their greatest fear is being forgotten and the other says theirs is the Kool-Aid man
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Funny memes about deperssion and anxiety, therapy, repressing memories.

22 Depressing Memes For The Anxious & Downtrodden

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hell Memes lonely - 9027805440
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