Funny dad jokes, corny memes, fatherhood, puns, lol | Jim Halpert from The Office looking through window blinds Dads waiting January 1st 0:01 so they can say haven't seen since last year. | Dad @thedad DAD Dad law requires dads say one following ready leave Let's rock n roll -Let's skeedadle -Saddle up, partners -Let's get heck outta dodge -Time hit road -Let's blow this popsicle stand -Let's hightail outta here -Let's get this show on road

Corny Memes and Tweets to Satisfy Everyone's Inner Dad

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
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Funny TikToks and Tweets debating what centaurs do with their human arms when they are galloping

The Internet Debates: WTF Do Centaurs Do With Their Human Arms While Galloping?

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Funny and cringe memes, bad jokes, comedy heaven, texting | r/blender Posted by u/asaeorae lost testicle motorcycle accident recently, made this Blender as memorial my lost little guy. | DO NOT TOUCH sing in braille

Weird & Cringe Posts That Are So Bad They're Good

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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes | My friend: OMG I had dream where married my crush last night. My dreams must save child before next blood moon cow fish | serious situation Oof Tom Hanks shooting

44 Funny Memes For Weary Brains

Scroll your sorrows away.
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Funny random memes, funny memes, dank memes, relatable memes, funny tweets, animal memes, dog memes.

Random Memes Brimming With Pointless Amusement (29 Images)

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Literary Lols

literature lols hamlet - 7844793600
Created by Aeshel

I Was Laughing at You, Not With You

gifs lols bunny - 6987239168
Created by Guilherme.didi

It's Not That Difficult

lols meta am i the only one - 6658846976
Created by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

I Find Your Lack of Taste Disturbing

dolan lolcats lols Memes - 6187956736
Created by Unknown

English: Language of LOLs

different languages german language lols pineapple Rage Comics - 5912499968
Created by sleepyheadcomic

The Mods Will Think It's Way Too Awesome To Change

funny lols Net Noob text title - 5898420736
Created by Childish_Antics

I Must Not Be Funny

giving up lols Paranoid Parrot vote page - 5650283264
See all captions Created by Unknown

Users, Y U No Bored Less Often?!

bored lols meta update website Y U No Guy - 5431171072
See all captions Created by Unknown

Good Guy Greg Does It for the Lolz, Sistah

Good Guy Greg lols trophy voting - 5304379392
Created by Unknown


awesome guns lols Meanwhile Terrifying vending machine - 4169447168
See all captions Created by vincedamaori


face replace face swap lols sports the internets - 4198458880
Created by Unknown
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