Funny tweets and jokes about Lewd Logo for women's network in australian prime minister's department

Phallic Logo for 'Women's Network' Goes Viral, Inspires Thread of Lewd Design

Ever see a logo that looks incredibly inappropriate and makes you wonder “Did they mean to do that?” These questionable designs come to mind. When the logo is for a chicken restaurant, or even a urologist, we can enjoy a light chuckle and move on with it. But when, say, a logo resembles a phallus, and is promoting a business or initiative that is specifically geared towards women, it's going to cause something of hilarious uproar.
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Strange, Literal And Clever Brand Logo Edits That Improve The Originals

Silence, brand.
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Here's How 12 Logos That Have Shaped Our Lives Have Evolved Over Time

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What Would NFL Team Logos Look Like if They Swapped Colors With Another Team?

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If Logos Were Written by Doctors

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You May Want to Rethink Your Cheerleading Logo

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Klondike Bar Logo Totally Looks Like Sorel Boots Logo

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If Zelda Had a Final Fantasy Logo

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If BioShock Was a Final Fantasy Game

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What if All 32 NFL Logos Were Fat?

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This Looks Familiar...

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A Side of Them You Rarely See

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PlayStation Logo Concepts

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No Games to Play Here

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Gmail Logo Totally Looks Like Missy Elliott

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The Internet Has Ruined Me

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