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Iconic Instances of Community Notes Proving Tweets Wrong

Such a legendary feature
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Abandoned Pigs, Dead Friendships, and Mighty Expensive Eggs

Embracing that January cheer.
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Twitter story about Logan Paul's former pet pig Pearl found on the side of the road, left for dead

Logan Paul's Former Pet Pig Found Abandoned In a Field & Left For Dead

Poor piggie!
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Logan Paul signs with WWE, Wrestling

Logan Paul Signs With WWE, Continues His Redemption Arc

Remember when Logan Paul was one of the most hated men on the internet? Well, while we're sure he's still generously hated, we're learning that the YouTuber has managed to rack up quite a few fans, especially in the wrestling community. And it seems like they're very pleased to learn that he just signed with WWE. The multi-event deal will extend into 2023, and will likely bring in a whole lot of sweet pay-per-view bucks.
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Man Quits $100K Job, Begs Logan Paul To Hire Him

Some say that the only difference between bravery and stupidity is whether you succeed or not; often, that can seem like a very fine line. However, few cross it in the spectacular fashion of Austin Wallace, who recently and very publicly did the unthinkable in the name of making it in the content creation world. Speaking on his TikTok account @aj_wallace69 , he revealed how at the age of 22, he had quit his £100K a year job to travel to LA and ask Logan Paul if he would hire him. The video show…
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Boxing Fans Walk Away From Mayweather vs. Paul Fight Disappointed as Fighters Walk Away With Millions

Exhibition fight go brrrr
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Jake Paul Snatches Floyd Mayweather's Hat, Memes & Mayhem Ensue

Was this a planned stunt or does Paul have a death wish?
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That Was Easy

Funny meme about how easy it is to find something better than jake and logan paul | name something better than Logan and Jake Paul, i bet you can't I GOT A JAR OF DIRT
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Funny twitter reactions and memes to Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match february 20th, funny tweets, twitter memes, dank memes, spicy memes, boxing, boxing memes, sports | next dead body in a video with Logan Paul is going to be his own Bleacher Report @BleacherRep... .17h Floyd Mayweather Jr. announces he will fight Logan Paul in an exhibition match on February | Logan Paul could actually beat Mayweather with his height and weight advantage three boys discussing

Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Inspires Hot Takes & Spicy Memes

These Paul boys are out of control.
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Twitter reacts to Logan Paul's podcast in which he defends Harry Styles' masculinity, gaslighting, candace owens, vogue | I've made fun of Logan Paul so much in the past and now I really have to acknowledge how impressed I am. This is a masterclass in addressing toxic masculinity with your friends and calling them out in a calm, thoughtful way.

Twitter Reacts To Logan Paul's Surprisingly Woke Stance On 'Manliness'

Color us impressed.
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Logan Paul speech about black lives matter, twitter reactions, police brutality | @DaveOshry reached Logan Paul is somehow voice reason" part 2020 Logan Paul @LoganPaul 2d have be anti-racist | sophie|lamp eult 8|G @sophiiee420 this is proof logan is best paul brother BLACK LIVES MATTER ES ER BL THIS IS GACKGRID 9:39 AM 6/4/20 Twitter iPhone

Logan Paul Praised For Passionate Black Lives Matter Speech

Color the internet surprised.
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funny beaver memes, beaver logs, moth memes, logan paul.

Move Over, Moths: Beaver Memes Are Officially A Thing

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Funny meme about humor in 2018.
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Comedian Absolutely Destroys Logan Paul On Twitter

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Funny memes about Logan Paul tazing rats.

Redditors Are Responding To Logan Paul's Rat-Tazing With Hilarious Memes

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Funny meme about logan and jake paul.
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