I'm Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer

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Don't Know How I'm Ever Gonna Solve This

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Turning a Soda Can Into a Lockpick

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Video Game Logic at its Best

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Under Lock and Key

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How a Key Opens a Lock

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So That's How Locks Work

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Hey Mom, I See You Put a Lock on This Drawer...

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A Master of Locking

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The Dilemma of The Locked Bathroom

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At Least If Potential Thieves See, They'll Know It's Locked

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Are You Sure Pressing It Twice Doesn't Unlock It?

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Damned Dwemer and Their Damn Locks

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A Jerk Locked Up My Homework, Teach

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Who Broke All These Locks?

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The Sims: Locks are for wimps.

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