Funny dank meme format featuring Kronk from Emperor's New Groove

Dank 'Emperor's New Groove' Memes Are A Blast From The Past

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Just When You Think You're Having a Good Day

Via SkidMark_wahlberg

When You Mishear Lyrics On The Radio

funny animal image of llama mounting pig
Via MemeW

You Best Watch Your Back, Son

llama zoo - 8274823680

The Snow-Llamas Take a Bus as Their Own

llama snow funny bus - 7121999360
By Emerald63


animal-non-human best of week llama wtf - 5609377280
By Unknown

Me Gusta Llamas

literalism llama question similar sounding spanish - 6411343360
Via A.S.B.

Llama Run Free to Escape Being Turned Into a Dress

Via Bing

A Relationship Built on WTF

llama how i met your mother funny - 8441027840
By Unknown

This Just Seems Wrong Somehow

llama wtf funny - 8440231680
By Unknown

Damn Llamas

llama wtf funny - 8431368192
By Unknown

Now That's a Mystical Creature

llama funny invalid - 8371293440
By Unknown

Don't Lick it Though

llama wtf lollipop funny - 8270331136
By Unknown

Both Adorable and Sneaky

fence llama funny sneaky - 8205182720
By Unknown

Sightseeing Is for Llamas

llama funny - 8197085440
By Unknown

This Is My Human!

llama wtf donkey funny animals - 7762262016
By Iron-man01
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