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A Manic Mix of Painfully Relatable Parenting Memes

As a thirty-something with no kids but a wealth of cats, I might complain, but I have it pretty easy. Despite the incessant vet bills, taking care of a cat is a lot easier and somehow a lot cheaper than raising a human child. A friend of mine shared an alarming statistic with her Instagram friends recently - the lifetime cost of raising a child here in the United States, as of 2022, is estimated at a whopping $272,049. That's a staggering number, one that makes me feel like I'm definitely never…
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People Share the Wildest Things Their Parents Caught Them Doing as Kids

Uh oh
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Accidentally Dirty Childhood Drawing Inspires Thread of Naughty Artistic Errors

We are all well aware by now that kids really do say the darndest things. But they also draw the darndest things. While the internet is full of proud parents sharing their kids' hilarious mistakes (often in the form of parenting tweets ), there's something about seeing these funny fails in art form. The blunders just hit different. Recently, Twitter user @strawbyoghurt shared one such masterpiece - a mixed media (crayon and magic marker) piece depicting Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants in fr…
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TikToker Hilariously Rates & Reviews the Sympathy Cards His 3rd Grade Class Sent Him as a Child

TikToker Hilariously Rates & Reviews the Sympathy Cards His 3rd Grade Class Sent Him as a Child

His cousin died in a car crash and one kid drew what he thought that scene looked like on his card… What teacher allowed this??
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Funny tweet that reads, "Forgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night" above a photo of a kid lying in a cardboard box
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Funny and frustrating memes about parenting young children | Food isn't allowed in the living room. His tablet isn't allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system. I quit. child lying on the floor with a tablet and a snack. tweet by Simon Holland @simoncholland Let's get married and have kids so instead of doing fun stuff on the weekend we can go to a kid's birthday party where everyone coughs

Frustrating Memes For Anyone Raising A Small Gremlin

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Just Trying To Spread Some Knowledge Here

Pic of a little girl, who represents "Strangers at the party" crying and being cornered by toy dinosaurs, that represent "Me with dinosaur facts"
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True Story

Tweet that reads, "So me and my wife had been saving up to pay for our Utah football tickets in cash. We pulled our money out yesterday to pay my mom for the season...Well, we couldn't find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder. Yup, two-year-old shredded $1,060"
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Caption that reads, "When you ask a first-grade class to write letters to people in a nursing home" above a hand-written letter that has a picture of an hourglass with the text, "Time's almost up"
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A Credible Threat Has Been Made

A note that reads, "Mom Charlie poot my Barbie in his but hole and got poop in her hair if he dose not get in truble I will poop on his hamster"
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True Love Does Exist!

Guy tweets that he saw an 8-year-old boy throw his phone in the pool when his girlfriend said they couldn't be together because she didn't have one
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Angus Did Not Want To Go For His Walk

Small child trying to take a very fat dog named Angus for a walk
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Kid, I'm Allergic to Pollen

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