tweets pointing out male authors who write unrealistically about women characters and shows their inner thoughts on the matter

This Hilarious Twitter Thread Is Roasting The Way Male Authors Describe Women

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WOW ok unfollowing now twitter meme

'Ok, Unfollowing Now' Meme Mocks How Sensitive Twitter Users Would React to Classic Tales

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Wojak meme Trad Girl, Doomer Girlm Yes Chad | Girls when reading Shakespeare I was so sad when they killed themselves such an amazing love story Boys when reading shakespeare You are a saucy boy What you egg? Stabs him
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funny memes, dank memes, random memes, for bored people, procrastination | tell friends feel amazing because use psychedelics deal with emotions and past traumas but all reality still just piece garbage and owe bunch people money Shawmin Meme Man | doctor tells anxiety meds and large cold brew isn't balanced breakfast @betches WAT

30 Memes For Procrasturbatory Entertainment

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Informative and educational tumblr thread about how french writer alexandre dumas is black | miketalkstrash-deactivated20170 Let's not forget acknowledge Alexandre Dumas this Black History Month writer two most well known stories worldwide Three Musketeers and Count Monte Cristo black man s excellence. latinagabi Let's not forget he played on screen by white man. And fact he black is barely ever mentioned or book he wrote inspired by his experiences.

Tumblr Thread Tackles The 'Forgotten' Blackness Of French Author Alexandre Dumas

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Funny memes, academic memes, theory memes | clueless Kant lived life celibacy and died before cars were invented e virgin who can't drive. | class Can stay discussion with second Let's go deeper on this Building on this point Let know if getting if other way around reminds want X's point unpack bullets

Academic Memes Full Of Scholarly Humor

For the smarties.
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Fake texts from the lover boys of literature | o00 Verizon 4:06 PM 60% Jay Gatsby iMessage Today 4:05 PM Daisy love married Delivered Well sounds like problem iMessage | ooo Verizon 5:54 PM 43% Mr. Rochester iMessage Today 5:53 PM Jane love Also my crazy wife lives attic and she might try kill Um Delivered Just, like, full disclosure iMessage

These Texts Imagine A World Where Literature's Great Romantics Had iPhones

Who's sending nudes?
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Funny dank memes about the first letter of the chapter

Dank Memes Making Fun Of The Monstrosity Of 'The First Letter Of The Chapter'

These are definitely memes that you didn't know you needed.
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memes about ap literature, funny memes, high school memes

AP Lit Memes For The Driven & Miserable Overachievers

Is the pain worth the credits?
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Funny dank memes entitled, "What, you egg?" | bit from a shakespeare play where someone gets stabbed after calling somebody else an egg, followed by english teachers reaction depicted by kermit looking forlornly out of a window. another meme is a waffle labeled with the line from the play, with a content looking cat sitting next to it labeled as english teachers

'What, You Egg?' Memes Roast High School English Teachers

*Something something something* blue curtains!
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Funny comics from wrong hands, writing, literature.

Nineteen Delightful Literary Comics For The Intellectuals

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Funny meme about shakespeare, english class, english teacher, what you egg?
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Funny meme about Romeo and Julieet, Romeo makes stupid decisions, kills himself even if doesn't have to.
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literature twitter art roses are red cute funny tweets sarcasm writing animals poems poetry tumblr - 7993349

16 Meme-y Internet Poems That Exude Artistic Brilliance

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Too Real

Funny meme about english teachers.
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The Blue Curtains Symbolize Faulkner's Failing Marriage, Duh

Caption that reads, "Writer: *Writes novel with no underlying meaning whatsoever;* Literature teachers: ..." above a still of Buzz LIghtyear with laser-beam eyes saying "Hmm"
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