lion king

Watch Out for the Wildebeests

gifs lion king Memes scar - 6387688704
Created by littledevil9

Optimism, Always

best of week lion king Movie survival wtf - 6283531776
Created by butterflyperception

Sunday Bunday: When You See It

lion king omg sunday bunday when you see it - 6307661568

dolan kild muffaza

dolan lion king Memes simba - 6261533184

These Children Will Be "Scarred" for Life

be prepared boy scouts disney lion king scar - 6225918464
Created by mflowe

Art of Trolling: The Circle of Life Moves Us All

best of week lion king Memes sexytimes wtf - 6238666752
Created by KayleeHobbers

Cannot Unsee, Nor Do I Want To

butt cannot unsee disney lion king mufasa - 6227396096

Don't Show Your Uncle Scar

cute disney DVD lion king scar stare dad - 6202594048

It Symbolizes The Tree of Life

animation gifs lion king symbolism - 6209026048
Created by JustGravy

I See What Lucas Did There

best of week disney george lucas I see what you did there lion king Memes star wars - 6124573952

Stampede Ahead

IRL lion king - 6099639808

King of Viridian Forest

crossover lion king Pokémemes - 6104130560

Slightly Fabricated

big bang theory disney How People View Me lion king reality sheldon smile - 6079368704
Created by dyllan93

No! It Isn't True!

disney draw something lion king Memes mufasa scar star wars - 6069050112
Created by QuinKamp

Naaaaaants Ingonyama Gagithi Baba

lion king makeup me gusta Rage Comics - 6061320960
Created by giraffesandcupcakes

My Childhood is Restored

childhood IRL lion king simba The Internet IRL timon - 6055548416
Created by ayesha21