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Funny meme about dad whose son is afraid of the lions in lion king, paints himself punching the lion | My son was having nightmares after watchin The Lion King so I painted him a portrait of me absolutely STARCHING the evil lion
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disney comebacks and insults

30 Savage Comebacks In Disney Movies That Prove The Writers Have A Clever Sense Of Humor

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Caption that reads, "The perks of working at a toy store" above a pic of a guy standing on a ladder holding up a stuffed animal like in the Lion King
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Funny memes, video killed the radio star memes.

Video Killed The Radio Star Is Our New Favorite Low-Effort Meme

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Funny how to talk to short people meme, with rafiki from lion king, disney.
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Hakuna Couture

Funny meme about man wearing a Pumba shirt.
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Collection of funny memes

TGIF: 28 Funny Memes To Get Your Day Going

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Collection of funny memes and gifs having to do with disney, especially Frozen and Lion King.

These 18 Disney Memes and GIFs Will Add Magic To Your Day

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Funny collection of memes about the Lion King, pokemon go, pizza, drugs, food, dating, relationships, titanic.

17 Random Memes to Get Your Lazy Sunday Going

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Funny meme about cutting, says "you don't know how broken a person is until you see their scars" but instead of actual scars it's just images of Scar from Lion King.
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Don't Act Like You Didn't Sing Along

lyrics lion king funny image - 8996991232
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Life is Stranger than Fiction

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disney photoshop parenting photoshop battle lion king disneyland - 871173

This Dad Took His Daughter to Disneyland and the Internet Made Her Dreams/Nightmares Come True

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The Lion King - Behind the Scenes

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parenting lion king Video - 79959041

The Only Acceptable Way to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Family

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lion king Video - 79439873

A Much Better Version of a Kiss Cam

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