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LinkedIn Poll About Work Mental Health Days Provokes Discussion About Their Necessity

Everybody hurts
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Embarrassingly Inept Recruiter Inspires Fail-Filled Twitter Thread

Recruiters probably help to match a lot of skilled people with quality vacancies. But they can be incredibly annoying and sometimes even straight up careless. They cold message you on LinkedIn , promising opportunities, pretending as though they're sending a genuine message rather than just filling in the blanks of a generic template. That kind of behavior has become expected – I don't even bother opening correspondence from people with a corporate headshot. We recently covered a man whose recr…
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20+ Funny Gems & Cringe Anecdotes From the Depths of LinkedIn

The state of LinkedIn is grim
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'Dolly Parton Challenge' Inspires Celeb-Centric Memes About Social Media

The meme is spreading like wildfire.
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Funny Twitter meme about a person who received a law degree but isn't qualified for any job other than a fast food worker
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We Get It, You're on Twitter

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