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Money's A Little Tight Right Now Sorry

Caption that reads, "Cashier: Your total is $123.67. Would you like to donate $1 to charity? Me: ..." above a pic of Lil Wayne nervously grasping a wad of cash in his hand
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Loopholes Are a Wonderful Thing

loopholes lil wayne - 8121874688

Day 2: Who Cares?

hip hop rap lil wayne freestyle Video - 65546753

Lil Wayne is Not a Good Freestyler

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concerts lil wayne Video - 63702529

Dear Lil Wayne, Never Play Guitar Again

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Dad Isn't Handling The Divorce Too Well

cringe sad but true lil wayne dad divorce - 8278545408
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What if Today's Music Stars Had Their Own Cartoons?

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Forever Torrenting

Music rappers torrents lil wayne - 7645724672
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Dude, You Were in Degrassi, Stop Trying to Be Hard

Drake lil wayne whose line is it anyway - 7579599616

Self-Respect: 1930s vs. 2010s

history lil wayne style clothing problems - 7255166208

Lil Wayne Totally Looks Like Lugdush

Lord of the Rings totally looks like lil wayne - 7244483584

All the Real Ganstas are Dead or in Jail

justin beiber lil wayne - 7121526272
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Tha Wrapper IV

wrapping paper rappers lil wayne burn - 6959568896
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Lil' Wayne Totally Looks Like Twilight Zone Gremlin

Music rap Movie TLL lil wayne funny - 6202104576

Y U No Speak English?

youtube lyrics english rap t pain lil wayne - 6767315200
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A Pun So Sweet, You'll Want to Lick the Wrapper

rap wrap literalism lil wayne homophone double meaning rapping - 6739971328
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