The Doctors Were Relieved

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By Unknown

It Can Only Help!

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By Unknown

At Least Mine Are Real!

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The Only Time This Has Happened in History

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By Vytheros

Quick, Post More Cats!

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By Jon1467

Lier Lier Pants on Fier

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By MattCanada


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By MurderTurtle

Forever Uncreative

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By FuuuYou

It Never Fails

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By Bendyrulz (Via I Raff I Ruse)

I Hate All That Is Good In the World

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By Unknown

What Would Jesus Like?

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By Llort.Bookacef

What Kind of a Girlfriend Leaves at a Time Like That?

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By Zexxify

Lovely Shaping

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By heytherekenzie

Do You Like Pie?

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By TheCavellucci

I Heard You Like Likes

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By Zowayix42

They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

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By Unknown