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Memes & Tweets Filled With Unhelpful Advice

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Life Hack: The Easiest Way to Boil and Peel Potatoes

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Lifehack For Whenever You Feel Alone

Via Akar

A Literal "Life" Hack

twitter lifehacks immortality - 8271431168

A Literal "Life" Hack


Now You Know

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Gross Lifehacks


Turn Old TVs Into HDTVs in 3 Easy Steps!

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By Unknown

Adaptation as a Survival Strategy

Via Hyperallergic

Sound Logic, Brain

cake lifehacks web comics - 8428371712
Via Stairwell Online

Skateboarding With an Umbrella And a Leaf Blower

skateboarding mindwarp gifs lifehacks umbrellas - 8427106304
Via For GIFS
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Here's How to Deviously Get More Pizza for Yourself After Cooking Some With Your Friends

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The Most Important Lifehack

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Via Pie Comic

Reverse Procrastination

computers lifehacks web comics - 8195869952
Via Shoebox Club

How to Fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds

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Via Bing

It's Genius!

gum lifehacks - 8166738432
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