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25+ Memes Full of Wisdom That Won't Make You Wiser

Unwise words of wisdom
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Geezers Share a Cornucopia of Fantastic Wisdoms They Wished They Knew When They Were Young and Spry

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Words Of Wisdom

Text that reads, "You believed your ex wasn't a piece of sh*t for like eight months, you can believe in yourself for five seconds"
Via lindisty0110

Great Tip!

Caption that reads, "Don't have a bookmark? Try using ketchup instead" above a pic of ketchup in a book
Via BigFuckingRocket

Some Tips For You

Caption reads, "Five Ways to Appear Taller" above a bunch of ridiculous fake tips to seem taller
Via JackalRailroad

The Comprehensive Guide!

Fake 'How to Even for Dummies' guide that teaches you how to 1.) Even, and 2.) Literally even
Via iflouisebelcherwasadoctor

Gotta Throw In That Disclaimer

Pic of Kanye West shrugging his shoulders under the caption, "When you giving someone advice but you gotta finish with 'but Idk tho' in case it ruins their life"
Via TheGenericHeroine

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