Deep thoughts from the subreddit r/showerthoughts, relationships, life | Posted by u/Boilermaker1983 If could run most relationships backwards, they would actually be much more romantic. First strong hatred, followed by trying times, then ending with crazy passionate love and desire.

23 Deep Thoughts That Could Only Happen In The Shower

Let's hear it for r/showerthoughts.
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Relatable Memes About Life's Dumb Little Struggles

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, self-deprecating tweets, laziness, sex, sexy tweets | beige chyna @boyswearmugler [after sex] guy: wow great had screaming entire time sorry im afraid dark 7/18/18, 11:39 AM 13.8K Retweets 69.8K Likes >

Amusing Tweets That Are Dripping With Wit

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Guy Sets Off Hysterics By Showing Off His Homework From The 2000s

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People Recount The Dumbest Ways That They Nearly Died

Being alive is a risky business. It’s bad enough that it has a 100% fatality rate, but on top of that the ways in which it can be fatal are far more easy to come across than we think No matter how mundane our daily routines may seem to us, we never know if there’s going to be an unhappy surprise lurking for us round the corner. The heavy question of our own mortality has been on the minds of Redditors recently, as an AskReddit prompted people to consider the stupidest ways they’ve ever had a br…
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People Debate Whether It’s Possible to Work Full Time and Still Have Time to Live

Are people working too much?
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Funny and shitty life hacks |  use raw chicken breast pick up crumbs and dust hard reach areas HACK LIFE | COOKING HACK: if put too much water rice, toss few phones there

Crappy Life Hacks From Agents Of Chaos

Don't try these at home.
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24 Deep Thoughts That Hit At The Most Mundane Times

Shower thoughts that made us go 'huh'
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Funny "it's the law" memes from the suite life of zack and cody, disney channel, lol, dank memes, funny memes, relatable memes, gaming memes, dog owners, cat owners | Friend: Why do pet dog every single time walk past him | Women: Why do aim stain toilet

21 'It's The Law' Memes That Are Hard To Argue With

Sorry, it's the law.
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They Want An Elevator Pitch, Not An Essay

Funny meme about how schools tell you to write essays while people in the real world want you to explain in like five minutes
Via u/jonasslaks
Funny memes and tweets about family, mom, dad, parents, siblings, brother, sister, kids, parenting. | my mom just came home having drinks with her friend, and now they're having sleepover guest room while my dad is bringing them salami/cheese/apple platter | Juliet @uglyshinigami my parents house is chaotic COME BACK WITH WARRANT Crack Cocaine BUTTER

20 Funny Memes & Tweets That Keep It All In The Family

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Funny random memes, animal memes, relatable memes, lord of the rings memes. | Pros and cons making food Pros: food Cons: making | family friend who came visit us coming out my room get water Michael Scott shaking hands

30 Tasty Memes Full Of Relatability

It me.
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Funny Memes, Relatable Memes, Stupid Memes, Depression Memes, Wholesome Memes | Applying jobs middle pandemic Best Tours Travel Tips Australia dog in a necktie using a laptop while an atomic explosion and fires burn in the background | My emotional support dog after tell him all my problems

Relevant Memes About Being Alive

Yeah, living
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Let's Do This

Funny tweet about just getting it through another month, and then we'll have to get through another month
Via @oldfriend99
Funny random memes, stupid memes, relatable memes, simpsons memes, hannibal burress, stupid memes, parenting memes | Therapist: You should really avoid using alcohol to cope with emotional trauma. Me: lean in my cereal | Do you remember how TinkerBell would nearly die everytime she didn't get enough attention? Well this is me now

Relatable Memes To Keep People Distracted

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Funny memes, funny tweets, silly memes, yoda, star wars, star wars memes, dank memes, meme about ignoring peoples calls, meme about demons holding up your boobs instead of using a bra  Can't just buy bra? No. This is far more dramatic | If need call no matter day or night be there also Ringer Silent 130 missed calls Exit

30 Tasty Meme Treats For Your Deteriorating Brains

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