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40+ Self-Deprecating Memes for Mayhem Magnets Who Get a Lil Suss When Life is Going Great

'Worst case scenario' is more like 'every other Tuesday'
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20+ Dubious Examples of Life Advice That Shouldn't Be Put Into Practice

Don't take it to heart
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Irate Woman Insists on Throwing Out Roommate's Beloved Sprouting Potato, Twitter Jumps to its Defense

Let her grow
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30+ Memes to Provide Well-Earned Chuckles

So maybe you've had a long day. Maybe your day is just beginning. You could be reading this at any given point, but as of writing this introduction, we're in the middle of the week. It's that point in time when everything seems like a little bit of a slog. You could look at it from that dull and doomful perspective, but there's another option. Have you tried thinking about the brighter things in life? A beautiful sunny day, a delicious dish from your favorite food joint, a fresh bouquet of flow…
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People Discuss Statistically Improbable Things That Have Happened to Them

Have you ever had something happen to you where the odds of it occurring were unbelievable? It doesn't have to be something positive. Sure, some incredibly lucky people win the lottery and some people become famous musicians. Props to them, but we're talking about anything and everything statistically improbable. Things like getting struck by lightning or being attacked by multiple birds throughout a single day. On the /r/askreddit Subreddit, Reddit user yankeevandal asked this very question, “…
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40 Miraculous Memes That Will Make Monday Much Better

Happy Monday morning, meme lovers and internet inhabitants! We're here to kick off the week with a silly selection of the web's best memes. Monday mornings aren't the best, but these memes definitely are! Not to sound like the quintessential comic-based orange cat, but Mondays, right? The end of the weekend is a solemn time. Sure, you may have had the best weekend of your life, but reality eventually catches up with you. It's time to put on that business casual clothing, pack up your computer,…
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40+ Efficiently Funny Memes For Individuals In Need of a Quick Laugh

Efficiency is of great importance in our modern world. If you want to be successful, you've got to be quick, but also effective. Memes may be antithetical to productivity, but you've got to admit that memes do have a purpose . You glance at a meme, get a little laugh, and then move on. They're in and out in the blink of an eye. They require a total commitment of maybe 10 seconds maximum to achieve their desired effect. But they're like potato chips, you just keep consuming them without realizin…
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25 Gym Memes for the Exercise Obsessed and Hardcore Gym Rats

Last week, I went to the gym for the first time in at least a year. Most likely longer than that. It felt incredible! The satisfaction that comes from committing oneself to a full, rigorous gym routine is unmatched. The next day, it felt terrible. It's easy to forget how hard muscle aches hit you after you get back to working out. I expected it, but I was definitely not ready for it. I've gone a few times since then. Now, I kind of think of it as positive pain. My muscles are doing their thing;…
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People Discuss What It's Like to Grow Up Poor

If you know, you know. Growing up without a lot of money is a pretty specific experience. Obviously, the degree to which you experienced financial woe is a sliding scale. No one person's experience is the same as the next. The main things that I remember, at least from childhood, are things like utilizing the free lunch program at school, receiving ridicule for what I was dressed in, never taking a vacation, living off the least expensive food possible, and having the not-so-quality house that…
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Pair of 25-Year-Old Besties Quit Partying and Discover a World of Hobbies That Don't Involve Alcohol

These two besties are living their absolute best lives instead of their Absolut boring lives.
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Darkly Comedic Epitaphs to Think About

Have you ever had an existential crisis in your life? One time, maybe, you thought about the fact that you won't always be here, and that freaked you out. Well, that's being a human, buddy. At some point, in some place, in one way or another, we'll pass on through this earthly realm. It's incredibly scary to me, but it's scary for every normal person, so at least we can all bond over the limits of mortality and how we'll plan our funerals. But have you thought about what you may put on your gra…
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Terrible Life Tips That Are As Funny As They Are Awful

Stay winning
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'Don't let Jessica from high school control your life': Woman Gives Inspirational Advice on the Freedom of Cringiness

It ain't all bad
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Millennial Bemoans Nonsensical Stereotypes About Being 'Old' in Your 30s

You're (probably) not at death's door
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Downer Memes For People Who Are Barely Making It Through the Damn Day

To say life isn't fair would be an understatement. I'm currently juggling a million responsibilities, the existential dread of the era, and trying not to absorb the pain of everyone else and everything else that currently surrounds me. It's really difficult to keep it all together. Add that to the prohibitively high cost of therapy and a psychiatrist, and the cocktail isn't one that really makes one feel loosened up. The depression gives way to anxiety, which makes me so tired that it turns bac…
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Insanely Relatable Memes That Make You Feel Like Meme Creators Are Reading Your Mind

Spot on
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