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Driver Named Karen Receives "Hater" License Plate, Implores DMV to Change It

"I thought about getting custom plates"
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Talk To Me, Annie

Funny license plate that says "r u ok"
Via metangy


Funny meme of a license plate that says asshole in rearview mirror.
Via some_bull_ish

If It Were Actually My Car They Might Even Be Better

image license plate snapchat If It Were Actually My Car They Might Even Be Better
Via hand

You Shall Not Pass

image license plate lord of the rings You Shall Not Pass
Via jobeywan007

Join the Dark Side, We Have Vanity Plates

star wars license plate - 8761120000

If You Buy a Tesla, You Must Get a Terrible Vanity Plate

funny memes tesla lol gas
Via italics_guy

North Dakota's Finest

that looks naughty IRL trolling license plate - 8603343616
Via cody127

That's One Way to Get Rear-Ended

hi ugly license plate
Via erected

Where We're Going, We Still Need to Obey the Rules of the Road

no flux capacitor license plate
Via DuhDongler

Eat My Exhaust and Suck My License Plate

funny memes d snutz deez nuts license plate
Via s-b-k

Hope You Don't Think You're About to Pass Me, Sucka

funny memes ummmm no license plate
Via dumbjabronimotherf*cker


hilarious license plate - 6385238784

Off to the Squirtle Squad Meeting

car squirtle license plate - 8508881664
Created by aaronm120

All Aboard the Meme Wagon

Via Brown Cardigan

The Dog Is Very Special

dogs wtf license plate - 8448323584
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