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The Internet Laments The Death Of Yahoo! Answers

The internet's most beloved community-driven repository of stupid questions and terrible answers will be shut down forever starting May 4th. Before the rise of social media, Yahoo Answers was once a place for anyone with an internet connection to ask embarrassing and forbidden questions behind the comfort of anonymity. Today, for anyone over a certain age, Yahoo Answers is an artifact of another internet era—a time when social forums were simple and clumsy, and online identities weren't curated for hypothetical audiences. These days we're spoiled by information and in this sense it's easy to take the internet for granted and mock our past selves who didn't know shit about anything. But imagine being ten years old in 2005, suddenly granted access to an oracle of sorts. With only ten minutes before your mom gets home, you finally ask the oracle the question that's been eating away at you for weeks: How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?

RIP Yahoo Answers; you will be missed. Along with the rest of the internet, we are mourning this great loss. 2021's burning of the Great Library of Alexandria. Out of respect, we have collected some Twitter reactions to the tragic news along with some of our favorite classics from the legendary Q&A website.

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