interesting observations and secrets from a librarian | grumpwitch Things have learned about general public whilst working at library: 1 huge number people under 20 can't read face clocks, having grown up with only digital one. 2. Many people don't know spell "library s our email address. This causes problems

24 Fascinating Library Secrets Every Librarian Wants You To Know

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17 Library Memes For When You're Feelin' A Little Checked Out

17 Library Memes For When You're Feelin' A Little Checked Out

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The Perfect Career to Utilize Your Shushing Skills

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You Can't Hide From the Librarian

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History According to Freshmen

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Librarians, They're Offensive

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One Sexy Librarian

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Presumptuous Librarian on Google

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You'll Never See the Shoe Again

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I Thought They Invented It?

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They Only Hold How Much?

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