Much Sour

Caption that reads, "Just watched my dog try to eat a lemon" above a bunch of pics of a cute dog eating a lemon and making funny faces
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With Pinkies Up Too

Caption that reads, "Is this what private schools are like?" above a pic of a lemon slice on a water foundtain
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All Together Now!

Funny meme about bon jovi, livin on a prayer
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When Life Hands You Lemons... Make Cereal?

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When Life Gives You Lemons by All Means Don't Make Lemonade...

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I Don't Think That's How They Named It

web comics lemons puns I Don't Think That's How They Named It
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Wait, What? If Life Gives You... Awwwwwwwwww Man, C'mon!

plastic surgery lemons funny - 7435524096
By Unknown

Squirrel Loves to Eat Lemon

gifs lemons critters squirrels - 8489768704
By Unknown

Mmm, Orange Juice

funny idiots lemons sign wtf - 8251066880
By Unknown

Dog Licks Lemon

dogs gifs lemons - 8461372160
By Unknown

When Life Gives You Lemons

Babies gifs lemons reactions - 8380936192
By ToolBee

Guess That's What Happens When Life Gives You Lemons

life gifs lemons puns - 8370469888
By Unknown

Sold As-Is

FAIL gifs lemons cars - 8160183040
By jyonasan1957

Dog Doesn't Like Lemon

dogs gifs lemons reactions - 8094878720
By Unknown

Winning Life Lessons

lemons - 6542581504

Puppies First Taste of a Lemon

dogs gifs lemons puppies funny - 7819716608
By Unknown
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