Lego my Eggo! Lego are one of the world's most successful toys, and probably a big reason behind games like Minecraft. Building blocks that allowed us to build fantastic scenes and epic battles that kept us occupied for hours. So take a trip back to childhood, or your basement now, and enjoy these hilarious lego memes puns and jokes.


Funny Lego meme Today at 11:38 PM Anyone sell netflix accounts Today at PM yeah netflix does THANK YO MR. HELPFUL
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funny meme with Eminem When you're about to put the stickers on your Lego set "You've only got one shot"
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A Healthy Batch Of Memes For Gleeful Time-Wasting

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That'll Teach Them

Funny meme of a guy wearing a Lego costume saying that he's tired of people walking all over him and that's fighting back with his Lego costume
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Oh God

Pic of a spider biting someone's hand next to a pic of Peter Parker as Spider Man, above a pic of someone stepping on a Lego next to someone who's turned into a creepy Lego man
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Destined For Greatness

Funny meme about lego.
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Wow, Carol

Funny meme about corgi identity theft.
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Funny meme about shark stepping on a lego.
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I'm A Genius

Funny meme about thinking you can start a construction company when you build a lego set quicker than the time they give you.
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Funny meme about future employer asking about problem solving skills, photo of legos assembled the wrong way.
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It's 'Simple'

Funny meme about when you wait until the last minute to do an assignment.
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Danger Zone

Funny meme about being a badass in a book store with a lego walk.
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lego Memes united airlines - 9026924800
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cool lego batman pics

This Adorable LEGO Batman Photography is Making Our Day

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That's discrimination

lego - 9003138816
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Battle Preparations

lego - 9002891008
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