Funny lawyer memes and tweets | Michael Adler @madler9000 Just settled divorce over visitation parrot. Neither may teach negative phrases about other went law school this.

33 Lawyerly Memes That Are Guilty Of Hilarity

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free legal advice by attorney

14 Free Legal Tips For Stupid People From A Very Amused Attorney

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Over 21 = Ancient

Tweet about looking forward to your 21st birthday and then feeling old once you turn 22
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things that seem illegal but are okay

14 Legal Things That Everyone Thinks Are Illegal

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We Should All Remember... Zombies Aren't Real.

guns legal funny weed zombie wtf - 8305114112
Created by PaleMoon

Darn It!

mormon legal shoot - 4279333376
Created by Unknown

Any Day Now, Right?

Ann Romney gay marriage legal rnc - 6548208640
Created by Unknown

Legal, Shmeagal

legal murder self defense Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6489899776
Created by Addison ( Via Yahoo Answers )


hilarious legal necrophilia states wtf - 6322296576
Created by Unknown

Cannipy Occubis

high guy legal marijuana Memes - 6214361088
Created by TheBestMemeMaker


cool hilarious legal - 5994520064
Created by aj13696

Do You Think They Put Weird Stuff in There, Just to Mess With Us?

computers legal Pie Chart - 5859751680
Created by Unknown

Habeas Bachelorus

forever alone latin law legal marriage Pie Chart - 5874052864
Created by Dassrull

Strange Laws

best of week legal strange - 5834294784
Created by Garrett858 ( Via Pleated Jeans )

Come on Girl There

chess girl legal Memes - 5685449984
Created by Unknown

Socially Awkward Penguin: Get Right to the Important Info

18 how are you legal question socially awkward penguin - 5649448960
See all captions Created by RyanKewl
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