How Thoughtful

Funny tweet that reads, "The girl in front of me during lecture was watching a movie and she looked back and saw me staring so she put on subtitles"
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Funny meme that reads, "When you can feel yourself spiraling but don't know how to stop it" above a photo of a guy setting up a powerpoint with the word "help on his forehead"
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Funny Twitter thread about a girl who lends out a large pencil to students in her college classes

College Girl's Story Of Her Comically Large Pencil Is Hilariously Awkward

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Times Were Cooler Back Then

Funny meme that reads, "How people fixed light bulbs before Isaac Newton invented gravity" above a photo of a guy fixing a light bulb on the ceiling without a ladder
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Caption that reads, "When the teacher thinks you aren't listening and asks you a question but you get it right" above some pics of an old lady break-dancing
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How'd He Do That?

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hilarious Inception lecture - 5222334720
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Is Anyone Working?

it's time to internet!
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College Accepts Anyone Nowadays

cats are good at school
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No, I Didn't

are you kidding me lecture mom - 8448912128
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Sleep Tight!

lecture school sleep rage - 8393201152
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It Gets You Through Lectures

booze lecture funny college - 8094734336
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Don't Be THAT Guy

poker face what have you done lecture questions - 8011002112
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Time for a Different Kind of Lecture...

class powerpoint lecture college - 7383913472
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facebook lecture Pure Awesome wrong - 5832023552
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Terrible Teacher Wishes She Was 17 Again

30 7 lecture Terrible Teacher writing - 5747229184
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