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A Blossoming Of Plant Memes For Green-Fingered Soil Fiends

With the way it can cheer up a room, it’s hard to find anything to hate about the humble houseplant. Admittedly, the care of our leafy friends can be baffling, and they often have a higher mortality rate than our unfortunate childhood hamsters . However, it’s all worth it when you see that tiny bit of exciting new growth that you both worked so hard for. In a world that’s filling up fast with carbon dioxide , we can’t say no to anything that plays a small part in tackling the problem. The plant…
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Sad Day

Funny meme that reads, "When you see a crunchy leaf on the ground and you step on it only to find out it wasn't crunchy" above a stock photo of a guy looking sad drinking a beer
Via brizz101

Hopefully We're Not The Only Ones Who Do This...

Caption that reads, "Me: *Walks past nice bush;* Brain: Take some leaves; Me: Why? Brain: You gotta" above a pic of some bushes
Via CodyBurkett

Pretty Much

Text that reads, "What fall looks like on the internet" above a pic of a park with colorful leaves everywhere, above a pic of a muddy, gross-looking street and text that reads, "What fall looks like from my window"
Via RandyAndyLive
dogs photoshop battle

A Scared Pug and His Friend Got a Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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Leaf It to Beaver

beavers gifs critters leaves - 8573346560
Created by Unknown

The Beautiful Cruelty of Nature

Via Jim Benton

Crunching Fallen Leaves Just Became Minesweeper IRL

autumn dog poop leaves - 7888775168
Created by Unknown

Fall is Coming

Via Unearthed Comics

Proboscis Monkey Chews on Some Leaves

gifs critters leaves - 8540270592
Created by Unknown

Which One of These is Real?

art mindwarp gifs leaves - 8530755072
Created by Unknown

Crows Having Fun

fun crows gifs critters leaves - 8504604160

Very Efficient

FAIL gifs work leaves - 8494301440
Created by anselmbe ( Via Imgur )

For Your Actual Drone Use If You Live in The Southern Hemisphere

mindwarp gifs leaves drones - 8468303104
Created by anselmbe

Monkey Instructs Human How to Crush Leaves

monkeys gifs critters leaves - 8437320192
Created by Unknown

Feels Like I Have to Leaf This World

mindwarp gifs puns leaves jumping - 8436191232
Created by Unknown
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