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Professor Charms The Internet After Editing Himself Into Animal Crossing For Zoom Class

The events of the past year and a half have not been an easy time to be in education. One of the main reasons for this are two little words that put the fear of god into students everywhere: distance learning. While it might be pretty sweet that you can rock up to Zoom class and start gaming with your camera switched off, it’s not exactly conducive to getting those qualifications. Not every teacher has been able to adapt smoothly to this new way of imparting their hard earned knowledge, but som…
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Parents Use Genius Trick to Get Aloof Baby Interested in Learning

It's challenging enough to get the average adult to pay attention, but babies? Impossible. Everyone knows that babies do as they please and you can't reason with them. But two brilliant parents found a baby hack that deserves appreciation. @dna_williams Reply to @joycesaurous well thank you! ♬ original sound - DeAnn_N_Alyssa As one Twitter user aptly put it, 'babies do not like minding their business. Gotta use that against them.' I don't even know if I want kids yet, but when I saw @DeAnn_N_Al…
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Funny memes about grammar | welcome mat. Thank oda MATT WELCOME welcome, Matt. MATT W ELCOME @button | Do like anyone? yeah Um have bf yeah Delivered Ohh haha RESTORATION 100

15 Grammar Memes For Pompous Intellectuals

The English language is BS.
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Funny history memes | person standing on beach facing a huge wave. 18,000 armored men on horseback Ottomans at the Battle of Vienna. SammyThe0G TWITTER, WE ARE GETTING OLD 2000 was 19 YEARS AGO 1995 was 24 YEARS AGO 1989 was 30 YEARS AGO 1985 was 34 YEARS AGO 1453 was 566 YEARS AGO THESE KIDS TODAY DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE SIEGE OF CONSTANTINOPLE AND THE FALL OF THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE

Twenty-Seven Funny And Educational History Memes

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Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.

Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

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The Song Of My People

Caption that reads, "ABCDEFGHIJK" above a still of a kids' cartoon character singing, "Ella mella pee"
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hair learning butts Video - 79004417

Important: This Video Will Finally Educate You on Your Butt Hair

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english learning Video - 78769665

How Far Back in Time Could You Go and Still Understand English?

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Good Boy!

learning adulthood parents - 8757377024
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learning Memes Video - 77292801

Richard Dawkins Explains the Real Meaning of "Meme"

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learning pee science Video urine - 71695873

What Does Your Pee Say About You?

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antarctica learning politics - 77164801

Is Antarctica Really No-Man's Land?

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When English Is Not Your Native language

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Learning to Leer at a Young Age

babes beach gifs kids learning lol - 5947592704
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Math Problems

learning puns math web comics - 8495286272
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Beauty and the Beast cartoons disney education horse love implied horse love learning Sad teaching - 4100332800
By Broken_Promise
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