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34 Lawyer Memes That'll Make Your Plead the 5th

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25 Objectively Funny Lawyer Memes & Tweets That Rest the Defense, Your Honor

They're so funny, they should be illegal.
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Lawyer Memes About the Perils and Pain of Lawyering

Hey lawyers, are you okay? I think the answer, for many of you, is a resounding “no.” That whole trope of parents wanting us to be lawyers seems pretty messed up based on all the memes lawyers are making about how terrible - and terribly tiring - their lives are. After slaving away at school, it seems that you have a whole lot more work to look forward to, and because of that, a pretty oppressive schedule and a dubious quality of life. But then there's the whole paycheck thing. Based on these l…
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Gimme It

Caption that reads, "Me: I'm not saying a word without my lawyer present; Cop: You ARE the lawyer; Me: So where's my present?" above a stock photo of a police officer interrogating a guy at a police station
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#SweatPantsGate Is The Latest Internet Scandal And It's Inspiring Some Superb Reaction Memes

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Got 'Em

Funny meme about lawyer.
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