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Floor is Lava Themed Party Goes Viral as Crafty Aunt Creates Every Kid’s Dream with the Best Birthday Ever

Can we make this into a drinking game for adults?
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26 Funny Pics That'll Muster A Chuckle

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Don't Fall Into the Lava!

Funny meme of cats on sofa, caption reads: "when the whole squad is chillin and somebody yells that the floor is lava."
Via chaos.reigns_

The New Augmented Reality Game of the Future!

Via zeolhr7

There's a Difference!

magma lava cake There's a Difference!
Via Jeffreyed

I Would Watch That Movie

Movie lava funny - 8391028224
Created by Unknown

A River of Lava

gifs volcanos lava - 8554051840
Created by Unknown

Lava Flow is The Earth's Arterial Fluid

Via Bing

Someone Invented a Lava Grill

Via Bing

It's Theoretically Possible!


Lava Enters The Sea

sea mindwarp gifs lava - 8427492352
Created by Unknown

You Have to Arrange Transportation Though

craigslist Hawaii lava - 8415412480

Lava is Totally Step-able

mindwarp gifs the floor is lava lava - 8405091584
Via Bing Express Shop

Lava Flowing Through Hawaii

mindwarp gifs volcanos Hawaii lava - 8377823744
Created by Unknown

That Guy is Really Close to The Volcano

gifs lava volcanos - 8313913088
Created by Unknown

Lava Looks Like a Weird Alien Lifeform

Aliens mindwarp gifs lava - 8202499072
Created by Unknown
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