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Sixteen Coffee Memes For Anyone Who Needs A Little Boost

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Funny memes about pumpkin spice lattes

Pumpkin Spice Memes That Pack A Latte Punch (14 Memes)

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Ha Ha Sucker

Caption that reads, "Trying to figure out which drink has less in it so you can give it to your sibling" above a pic of Kylie Jenner inspecting two iced coffee drinks
Via Beautifulbeard


Caption that reads, "When the Starbucks line is taking too long" above a pic of a bag of snack chips called "Get Movin' Crackers"
Via JakeFromHighSchool

Mocha Gangnam Style

art coffee latte similar sounding - 6622810624
By Sarah W

SMP CLASSIC: He Should Have Taken the Espresso Lane

similar sounding apology coffee added letter late latte - 6833990400
By LJPhil

WIN!: Ayyy Sexy Latte WIN

art best of week coffee Hall of Fame latte psy - 6616579072
By Unknown

Me Foamsta

coffee foam latte me gusta - 5920453376
Via Andee Prudencio

Cold Day + Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte?

coffee cold latte pumpkin spice The Internet IRL weather - 5361280000
By JZano

Hipster Barista

barista hipster Hipster Barista know your meme latte new school - 5174886912
See all captions By Unknown


conversation Hall of Fame latte literalism similar sounding tea teasing - 4942117376
By Unknown


american apology coffee excuse late latte similar sounding sorry - 4495827968
By Unknown