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Bartender Enacts Revenge On Perpetually Late Boss Who Hates Tardiness

Contradictory, much?
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I'm Out Of Excuses At This Point

Funny tweet that reads, "Woke up late for the 5,748th day in a row"
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Wow, What A Genius

Text that reads, "Boss: You're an hour late; Guy who's about to invent daylight savings: Oh, you haven't heard?"
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30 Entertaining Memes That'll Distract You From The Ennui

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Every Damn Day

Funny meme about taking an hour long poop.
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So Rude.

"How dare you drive the speed limit when I'm late to something due to my own poor time management skills"
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Everyone's Late Sometimes, in Their Own Special Ways

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Maybe Just 20 More Minutes Like This

image morning late Maybe Just 20 More Minutes Like This
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Poor Dude's on the Espresso Lane to a Life of Consistent Unemployment

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Might As Well Be Honest

honesty late excuse Might As Well Be Honest
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Teacher Meeting with parents

meeting teacher late parents - 8586351616
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I Should Really Look At The Time It Ends...

late Movie - 8574235136
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The Best Excuse for Being Late

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bison hilarious late work wtf - 4805867008
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And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After

school teacher late everything went better than expected - 8441518080
Created by andrewred

Cats Want You to Get Fired

jobs work late Cats funny - 8440230656
Created by Unknown
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