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Greedy Landlord Tries To Exploit Tenant for Free Labor, Gets Owned Instead

Slumlords are exploitative by nature, and in this lucky redditor's case, not very smart. After u/nopanicprepper experienced a series of plumbing issues in their home, they notified their absentee landlord , who refused to pay for any repairs. Instead, the landlord “allowed” OP to do the repairs since OP was an engineer. (How generous.) OP maliciously complied, and to the landlord's horror, sent over a hefty invoice for parts and labor. Keep scrolling for the whole story.
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Tenants Get Satisfying Revenge On Landlord Trying To Unfairly Evict Them

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Austin Tenant Shares Horror At Being Congratulated For Nearly $2.5K Rent Increase

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Wily Tenant Tries To Prank Landlord, Probably Ends Up Messing With Sanitation Workers

Is this a devious lick?
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Landlord Removes Stairs From Building, Trapping Tenant in Apartment for Hours

Can you say, fire hazard?
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Lazy Landlord Paints Over Roach, Photoshop Memes Ensue

We don't make the rules, but it seems like for every good landlord, the world is obligated to birth 20+ landlords that fall into the greedy, lazy, or just plain absent category. None of this has improved during the second year of the pandemic. Some landlords can't even be bothered to request aid - they'd rather just evict their downtrodden tenants and charge someone else more rent. Sometimes, however, tales of their antics are less evil and more ridiculous. This is definitely the case for Twitt…
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TikTok Landlord Gets Called Out For False Advertising

Something is not as it seems.
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Woman Shares Every Dumb Thing That Made Her Landlord Take From Her Deposit

It’s a sad fact of life that renting a home can be a complete nightmare. Even when you find a place you can afford, the hoops you have to jump through to get what you paid for can verge on the ridiculous. Sometimes, getting a decent landlord can seem like a lost cause — so the least you can do is laugh when they try to screw you over. This was the attitude of @ matildaaahh2001 when she received an email detailing what her and her housemates were being penalized for when they moved out of their …
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Funny twitter thread about emailing with landlords | tweet by calebsaysthings first email landlord hey dave l'm sure busy and hate be bother but noticed third email landlord Mr. Whittington- trust familiar with all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding rights and expectations tenants pursuant.

Twitter Thread About Emailing Landlords Is Both Funny & Depressing

The struggle is real.
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Funny meme about asking your landlord to not pay rent because i'm baby.
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millennials get roasted

Pompous News Anchor Gets Roasted For Claiming That Millennials Can't Do Anything For Themselves

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