They Call Him The White Iverson

Caption that reads, "When you rub a can of Four Loko this is the genie that comes out" above a pic of Post Malone sticking his tongue out
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Ok, This One Is Legit

Funny memes about moth, moth memes, batman
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You Know It

Caption reads, "Couples on Halloween this year SMH" above a pic of a moth and lamp couples costume
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Funny meme about moths only wanting one thing, lamp
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Funny moth memes.

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This Book is a Lamp

want mindwarp gifs lamp book - 7077638400
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U Mad, Zombies?

rage lamp Memes lol zombie computer guy - 8106237440
By Sam58013

For the Woodsy Household

lamp funny tree - 8424963584
By Unknown

Instructions Are for Squares

lamp light tetris - 8411749120

This is an Epic Triforce Lamp

lamp IRL triforce zelda - 7158931200
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Because Normal Lamps Are for Losers

baby lamp doll - 7074799872
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This Headpiece Totally Looks Like the Lamp I Made

fashion lamp TLL paper - 7001244672
By antoindotnet

Bzz Bzz Motherf*****!

fly yao face computer soon lamp burn - 6808938240
By ItalianSuperman
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