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Fresh Tweets We Snatched From the Bird App (October 25, 2022)

Happy Tuesday, internet addicts! Another beautiful day on the internet, on planet Earth. Just kidding. It's a dreary day here in Brooklyn , and everything kinda feels shitty. Maybe it's the descent into the gross part of fall weather (Scorpio season, anyone?), or maybe it's the seasonal depression setting in. Whatever the case, I'm not feelin' it. This weather just makes me want to curl up with some nice soup, cuddle with my cat, and make hot toddies. Speaking of soup, I made a great one last n…
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A compilation of shocked auntie memes going viral on Twitter right now

The Funniest Shocked Auntie Twitter Memes

We all love puns , right? No, No, we don't. Puns can often be the fodder of dull people who desperately want others to think they're clever. I don't want to sit around all day and listen to half-jokes from someone who would rather be witty than be funny. My perfect pun does not make any sense on the most fundamental level. I want a pun that makes people question the art and science of wordplay . Luckily, the latest Twitter meme fits perfectly into my philosophy of pun-making. The viral “Shocked…
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Article about Lady Gaga YouTuber Who Turned Into A Christian Influencer.

Former Lady Gaga Superfan Rebrands As Christian Influencer

Who could forget the adorable little boy who starred in his own incredibly passionate viral Lady Gaga lipsync videos? Staten Harry, a Little Monster whose YouTube lipsyncs of Lady Gaga's music went viral in 2018, is back in the discourse for reasons nobody could have predicted.
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52 Funny Memes For A Therapeutic Scroll Session

You deserve some "meme time"
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Funny meme about Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga competing for role of Cleopatra, funny tweet about how scarlett johnansson should get it | tweet by musebuff it is being reported that lady gaga and angelina jolie are currently competing to play cleopatra in an upcoming movie. who would you like to see play the role? neither bc cleopatra wasn't white. do the right thing and give the role to scarlett johansson
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Funny tweets about cultural impact, lady gaga, the beatles.

Twitter's Having A Blast With This 'Cultural Impact' Meme

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26 Funny Memes & Pics That Beat Twiddling Your Thumbs

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It Really Be That Way

Funny meme of Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper, dating, relationships, funny.
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Funny tweets and memes about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance, shallow, the oscars, oscars 2019, sexy, irina shayk.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Horny Oscars Performance Was A Meme Goldmine

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Funny honest movie posters.

Honest Movie Posters Are Back In Time For Oscars Season

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Funny Coachella poster parodies.

These Coachella Poster Parodies Are Better Than The Real Thing

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Too Real

Funny meme, lady gaga gibberish tweet, wifi password.
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charts trending memes know your meme bhad bhabie grimes basic lorde anime lana del rey its-always-sunny sailor moon basic bitch lady gaga pop music video games full metal alchemist kids tv - 6439941

These Mildly Offensive Chart Memes Will Satisfy Your Inner Basic

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ed sheeran memes

17 Ridiculous Ed Sheeran Memes To Get You Laughing Out Loud

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Collection of funny memes about work, mcdonalds, cats, naps, masturbation, marriage, the weekend, lady gaga, fashion, texting, tans, summer, friendship, social media, alec baldwin.

Lunch Break: 17 Memes to Distract You From Your Pain

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I'd go Gaga over this game

lady gaga Splinter Cell - 9008095744
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