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Relatable ADHD Memes For The Afflicted And In-The-Know

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Good Friendships Must Be Routinely Tested by Good Pranks

Via BeerDidTrev
ladder trolltube Video - 71774721

Dealing With a Magic Ladder Can Be Frustrating

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Never. Look. Down.

ladder gifs heights dangerous fail nation g rated - 8426976000
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He's Very Safe

funny ladder idiots - 8415542272
Created by beernbiccies

Ladders Are for the Weak

wtf ladder ninjas funny - 8284706304

You've Got Yourself in a Bit of a Pickle There

Cats funny ladder scared - 8262798592

This Won't End Well

ladder bad idea idiots funny - 8121661696
Via Unknown

Reality Is a Harsh Mistress

wtf ladder reality funny - 7443624960

Do You Like Yellow?

ouch ladder FAIL gifs painting - 7020109312
Created by sebenty

Fireman Knocked Down Ladder By Massive Chunk Of Snow In Russia

yikes fireman ladder FAIL gifs snow nope - 6980354560
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Drone With an Arm

ladder gifs arms rocket drones - 6875182592


ladder FAIL - 4482472960
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Ladder Cat Observes Political Debates With Increased Apathy

Cats Caturday gifs ladder - 6561864704
Created by jyonasan1957

SMP CLASSIC: Real Love Seems So Far Out of Reach

angry classic double meaning family ladder prefix step step ladder - 6537597952
Via Punblr

Ladders Are For Bed Noobs

bed gifs ladder Like a Boss mindwarp wtf - 6481258496
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