But He's Just So Cute

Funny meme that reads, "Americans will measure with anything but the metric system" above a photo of a cute dog in a water-filled pothole and a news headline that calls it a "doggy-sized pothole"
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Karen, You're Going To Have To Stop That

Caption that reads, "Me coming home at 3am and unloading all my issues on my dog" above a pic of a woman hugging a dog, who looks mildly confused and freaked out
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Seems Like A Logical Solution

Dog calls 911 about his owner being away for a few seconds, operator suggests that he try eating the couch
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The Strictest Quality Control

food goes to the lab for testing
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I Wouldn't Want to See a Meth Lab, Then...

black chocolate color double meaning lab labrador literalism prefix - 5550984704
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Math is Fun

addition equation Hall of Fame labrador math mathematics poodle portmanteau - 4810853888
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