Teenager posts their working hours on Reddit, sparking discussion on child labor laws

Teen's Insane Work Hours Sparks Discussion About Child Labor Laws

A Utah teenager recently went viral on Reddit for posting their schedule for their part-time job . They are expected to work 32 hours a week, including four 6-hour shifts directly after already going to school for 8 hours. I know there are probably a bunch of angry people reading this and thinking, “that's not very much work! If this teen would hike up their bootstraps, they would be able to work these hours and finish their homework with no issues.” In some cases, they might be right. When I w…
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Entitled Boss Demands Employees Stay at Work During Unpaid Lunch Break

Employment is pretty simple. An employer is supposed to compensate a worker for their time. When said worker is off the clock, they can do whatever the hell they want with their time. You either pay someone for their time or you dismiss them from their duties. Demanding that people stay at work while they're off the clock? Not to get all hyperbolic, but that lowkey sounds like slavery to me.
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Labor & Delivery Nurses Share Their Job "Icks", Spark Uproar on the Internet

Super unprofessional
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Greedy Landlord Attempts To Exploit Tenant for Free Labor, Gets Owned

Slumlords are exploitative by nature, and in this lucky redditor's case, not very smart. After u/nopanicprepper experienced a series of plumbing issues in their home, they notified their absentee landlord , who refused to pay for any repairs. Instead, the landlord “allowed” OP to do the repairs since OP was an engineer. (How generous.) OP maliciously complied, and to the landlord's horror, sent over a hefty invoice for parts and labor. Keep scrolling for the whole story.
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Mom Shares Home Security Footage of the Wholesome EMS Team Taking Care of Her Newborn After Unintentionally Giving Birth at Home

Mom Shares Home Security Footage of the Wholesome EMS Team Taking Care of Her Newborn After Unintentionally Giving Birth at Home

She was so distracted by having just given birth all alone like a BAMF, that her heart melted when she finally saw the footage of how sweet the EMS were with her and the baby.
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Unfortunate Shopper Allegedly Gives Birth In Budget Clothing Store

Oh no
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Story about employees of noah's bagels quitting their jobs because a manager was unjustly fired

Entire Staff of Bagel Store Quits In Response to Manager's Unjust Termination

We often make fun of employers who compare staff to a family. It's a corny sentiment that rarely rings true. But it seems like for Noah's Bagel Shop in Vacaville, California, the sentiment was a reality. After the store's manager Bre Kowalski was suspended due to a supposed customer complaint, she discovered that her final paycheck had been deposited into her bank account. Instead of giving her the suspension, her employers had decided to fire here - without giving any notification. They eventu…
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Woman in Labor Goes Viral for Deliriously Singing ABBA's "Mama Mia" Along to a Medical Device Beeping, Dad Joins In

Woman in Labor Goes Viral for Deliriously Singing ABBA's "Mama Mia" Along to a Medical Device Beeping, Dad Joins In

I mean, she wasn't wrong—the alarm was very much on beat with ABBA.
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30 Relatable Memes For Fed-Up Retail Workers

Let's give it up for all the retail warriors out there
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Funny memes about being pregnant | is this a pigeon? IS THIS. CONTRACTION? BRAXTON HICKS | LETS GET PREGNANT 2020! LET'S GET PREGNANT 2020! GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Fifteen Pregnancy Memes For All The Moms-To-Be

Men will never understand this pain.
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Yeah, It's Just Not Right

Tweet that reads, "'I sold an hour of my life for $13' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'I make $13/hour'"
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Funny meme about childbirth pain and not being able to get pictures of spider-man.
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Going Into Labor? Better Tweet This!

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Just Leave The Signs There

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What a Story, Mark

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