kung fu

Is That Ryu?

kicks gifs kung fu ryu win taekwondo - 7104240896
By Unknown

Yip -Man, The Legend

gifs punching kung fu BAMF - 7091589632
By Iron-man01


everybody fighting kung fu soccer - 4712688384
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Sugar Glider Kung Fu

critter critters cute gifs kung fu sugar glider - 6502443776
By _C_A_T_


everybody fighting hilarious kung fu - 6468947712
By ciaobella_usa

Mr. Miyagi Is Waxing in His Grave

Jackie Chan Karate Kid kung fu Rage Comics remake - 6410007040
By Herb1990

Whoa, I Know Eternal Youth

age keanu reeves kung fu Memes nope - 6257923840
By raywilliamtrollson

Whoa, I Kung-Fu

10 guy conspiracy keanu dude high guy kung fu matrix whoa - 6202375424
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cosplay hilarious kung fu wtf - 5947195392
By spiggothead

Kitteh Can't Understand Such Hate

Cats Caturday gifs kung fu ouch pain shock yikes - 5902994432
By Uzotru

This Guy Really Hates Pamphlets!

airplane gifs kung fu lol rage - 5681830656
By rezme

Sweet Legs

best of week gifs kung fu movies Movies and TV truth - 5626217984

Don't Mess With Jackie Chan

celeb gifs Jackie Chan kung fu ouch - 5531196160
By Unknown

Very Actiony

China kung fu seems legit - 5384529152
By original_momo

Dude, I Know Young Fu...rever

ancient aliens dude keanu reeves kung fu portraits what - 5177817088
By klangbaumherz

Glands, Glands Everywhere

kung fu wtf - 5156115456
By LunarSolace