A look at three 3 manga from Japan that influenced Neflix's Squid Game, graphic novels

3 Death Game Manga That Inspired ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game requires little to no introduction for most internet users and television enjoyers. The Netflix original series has taken the world by storm, showing us, once again, how fond we are of watching characters we’ve grown attached to get massacred for the entertainment of spectators (both in-universe and outside it). Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series follows a very similar premise with its yearly ritual in which a group of teenagers, you guessed it, have to compete to the death for the…
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Innovative South Korean Street Lights Divide Opinion Over Their Purpose

Screen addiction at a whole new level.
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Oppa Gagnam Style

Funny meme about people making fun of Fortnite dances when people were doing the gagnam style dance in 2012
Via u/Murky-Frosting
Funny account @emilyinparasite criticizes Emily in Paris, mashup, photoshop emily into stills from Bong Joon-ho's parasite | Lily Collins taking selfie with Parasite actors and outside the house from the movie

'Emily In Parasite' Is A Scathing & Satirical Mashup Account

We love Instagram.
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That Suddenly Went South

gifs korea Kim Jong-Il - 8556420352
By ToolBee
korea gym jump Video g rated win - 70610945

These Korean Gym Bros Might Have Springs in Their Legs

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There's One in Every Country

korea funny leonardo dicaprio - 8246957312
By Unknown
korea magic mike south korea Video - 69064449

Korean Girls Watch Magic Mike

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This Sink Hole in South Korea is Terrifying

holes yikes FAIL mindwarp gifs sinkholes korea - 8452871936
By Unknown

Overly Attached eBay Seller

korea overly attached ebay - 8394791936
Via RaconBang

Meanwhile in Korean Politics

gifs eggs korea politics - 8321619712
By sebenty

Secondhand Smoking – Korean Style

gifs azns korea smoking - 7126224896
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Alternative Propulsion in Korea

chair gifs azns wut korea amazing - 6755401472
By ToolBee

Oh the Irony...

gangnam style korea that escalated quickly - 6616865280
By zuggler


bewbs bull korea wtf - 4603827456
See all captions By Yumbero


justin bieber korea lady pop - 6537653248
By thefalcon25
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