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20+ Fascinating Facts For Perpetual Knowledge Seekers

It's never too late to learn
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Thread Thoroughly Outlines the Fascinating History of the Appalachian Mountains

Sometimes Twitter is good
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funny times stupid people got school by science | Matihew Wilox DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Mara Bangs Trick keep safe distance dinosaurs about 65 million years or so seemed do trick | B.o.B Follow @bobati cities background are approx. 16miles apart where is curve please explain this murderedbywords With circumference 24901 miles are looking at curvature around .2 degrees, or little more than 10 feet at 16 miles away. May say curvature is still significantly

Entertaining Times Knowledge Was Dropped On Stupid People

Got 'em.
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Incredible Thread of Website Suggestions Is a Reminder of How Great the Internet Can Be

Before the world became addicted to 'likes' and compulsively checking incessant notifications, the internet was a vast ocean of interesting websites, strange net art projects, and data experiments. It still is, in fact! Maybe we're just too glued to social media to notice. Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten what a special place the internet can be. @lucyhughes_PR recently created a Twitter thread of 'underrated' websites that deserve appreciation. Delighted by the recommendations, many other
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Big-Brained Nerds Who Did the Math Just for Fun

Someone's gotta do it
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Strange, Mundane And Charming Excerpts From The Treasure That Is Wikipedia

Is this the greatest website ever?
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Redditors Discuss The Things They Truly Don't Understand

With a few surprisingly helpful explanations
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funny memes, reddit, funny comments, smart people, nerds, math, math jokes, they did the math, smart ass, funny tweets, knowledge, science, memes | Drunk Jake @TheDrunkJake Owen Wilson has made around $217,838,000 his movies. He averages around 3500 words per movie 47 movies s about $1,324 per word Wow 102 those words. Owen Wilson has made roughly $135,072 saying wow | 4 years ago will pay approximately 28 million dollars monopoly money do this rest record. I6 278 10 Add public reply 4 months

16 Nerds Who Did The Math For Kicks

Who knew math could be funny
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math, funny memes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny comments, owned, memes, smart people, smartass, knowledge | average kitchen sponge weighs around 2oz weight teddy bear is around 10oz. 2 bears plus bar (let's assume plastic) is ballpark 22oz s 11x's his body weight. Average male weight is 197lbs. x11 2,167lbs ya boi just cleaned seconds after waking up | Louis Bosley added 42 new photos album Salcombe Exam leave. Saturday at 5:05 pm t 14 boys/31 gallons budweiser/5days Like Comment Share Liv

Brainiacs Who Did The Math For The Sake Of A Joke

Numbers can be funny too
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Funny meme about when people say they regret to inform you, they are actually excited to inform you.
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Sad But True

Funny meme about knowing more lyrics than math.
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Ancient History Memes

17 Ancient History Memes That'll Pump Your Brain Full Of Knowledge

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Knowledge is Power!

hacking knowledge web comics - 8797244160
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Never Stop Studying

sloth knowledge poster Never Stop Studying
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There's a Difference!

magma lava cake There's a Difference!
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How Do I Find Information Without a Cell Phone?

web comics cell phone How Do I Find Information Without a Cell Phone?
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