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Knockoff Brands & Comically Low-Effort Bootlegs

Some of these are better than the originals
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Creepy Vacuum-Sealed Garfield Inspires Cursed Memes

You can find a lot of weird crap on Amazon, including a knockoff Garfield toy called ‘Fat Orange Plush Cat Stuffed Animals Toy, Lifelike Yellow Tabby Cat Kitty Toy for Boys and Girls Children Xmas Birthday Gift.’ The toy advertised is a burned out and possibly alcoholic version of Garfield. If that wasn't cursed enough, Twitter user @PartyPat116 Oh my god my Roomie bought this knockoff Garfield plush off Amazon, and it came like this — flashy girl from flushing (@Part…
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20+ Off-brands That Are Actually Kinda Cool

10/10 for creativity.
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25 Knockoff Brands & Products That Are Just Trying Their Best, Man

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Article 13 Has Inspired Some Hysterical Knockoff Memes

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Biscuit Guy

Caption that reads, "Our new Shrek play area is ready for the children. Including friends like Cat in Shoes, Biscuit Guy and Unpleasant Mule" above a pic of a play structure that has structures of knockoff characters from Shrek
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Now You Can Dress up as Your Favorite Retro Video Game Character!

video game knockoff costume Now You Can Dress up as Your Favorite Retro Video Game Character!
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Never Trust a Knockoff Dress

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The Bshoe Withb the Thbree Stribes

shoes engrish knockoff adidas fail nation - 8210312960
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